Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies

5 Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies

French Bulldog puppies should have access to toys that will stimulate and entertain them as soon as they reach adulthood. French Bulldog Puppy Toys are essential companions for puppies. Here are 5 Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies that every owner should own for maximum fun!

Are You Searching For French Bulldog Toys

Here Are Our Customer Favorites Are You in search of French Bulldog puppy toys? Below are our customer favorites that have received high marks from French Bulldog pet parents like yourself – these have all been reviewed by Chewy Vets as well.

Why Are Toys Essential for French Bulldogs?

So, why do Frenchies require toys in the first place? While toys will provide entertainment to your Frenchies, their main function is actually helping with mental and physical wellbeing while keeping them active and entertained. Here are a few main reasons why toys are essential to French Bulldogs:

1. Nylabone Puppy Teething and Soothing Chew Toy

Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies (High quality toy )

Selecting an appropriate chew is crucial when selecting toys for your dog of any age, weight, and chewing strength. Non-edible toys should be large enough to encourage side chewing rather than top and bottom nibbling.

If your household includes multiple dogs, select a chew suitable for the largest and strongest chewer. Always supervise chewing and toy usage – this product should never be eaten or consumed! If your pup ingests any part, remove it immediately and consult your veterinarian immediately.

Improve puppy dental health – Ridges and knobs help prevent plaque and tartar build-up while chewing; Teething Puppy Bones provide soft chew toys to alleviate teething pain

Made in USA – All our dog chew toys are proudly produced in the United States of America for Extra-Small Dogs: Petite-sized chew toys can accommodate dogs up to 15 pounds.

Delicious chicken taste: Your dog is sure to love these irresistible dog chew toys that feature irresistible chicken flavour, measuring 3.81″ long x 1.06″ wide x 0.63″ high from out of package dimensions.

Pros: Crumbled easily but has held together well!

Cons: Too small for my purpose

2. NYLABONE Lobster Dog Toy Power Chew

Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies

Durable & flavorful

Nylabone has been creating innovative chewing solutions. Now we’ve added everyday objects to their arsenal for your pup to add extra fun and flair!

The Power Chew Lobster chew toy for dogs features an exquisite lobster shape and delectable flavors for a truly exceptional chewing experience. Boasting three chewing ends and an arched structure, this toy makes it easy to hold from claw to tail for optimal chewing sessions and helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up as you chew! Plus it reduces plaque buildup.

Claw Something! – We created an exciting lobster toy for your best friend to chew, with 3 chewable ends that are easy to hold and chew on! With its dog-eared edges and arch shape design, our Toy is fun for both of them to play with!

Support Your Dog’s Dental Health – Textured chew toys help promote oral hygiene as dogs chew on them, providing additional teeth cleaning benefits as they chew.

Put Your Chewing Power To the Test – Constructed of our most durable material for long-lasting chewing pleasure!

Reduces destructive chewing – Promotes healthy chewing habits while satisfying a dog’s desire to chew. Fillet Mignon Flavor Around Dog Toy – With an irresistibly satisfying flavor to offer your small canine the ultimate chew toy chewing pleasure, this toy offers hours of chewing fun. Perfect For Small Dogs Up to 25 Pounds.

Pros: Great quality toy that looks appealing

Cons: Item may be small

3. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Fetch Dog Toy

Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies

Great for small dogs

Ideal For: Medium Dogs this fetch dog toy designed specifically for medium dogs is aerodynamic and made for smooth glide, making it the ideal toy to track and fetch in both yard and park games of fetch. It is made of soft yet durable canvas material for gentle play on their teeth and gums.

Durable And Lightweight Toy For Dogs: Crafted of durable polyester canvas, this lightweight fetch toy features vivid colors to provide additional visibility for dogs playing fetch both on land or water. Plus, its buoyancy allows games of fetch on both surfaces!

Size Matters: Size medium measures 9.5″ x 9.5″, making it appropriate for medium to large dog breeds. While its canvas construction provides durability, please supervise your pet when playing with this toy as chewing may occur.

Chuckit Performance Toys Are Created with You And Your Dog in Mind; Explore Our Wide Range Of Interactive Indoor And Outdoor Dog Toys Such As Tumblers, Flyers, Fetch Toys, Chew Toys And Balls For Pets To Find What Works.

Chuckit Fetch Pet Toys: Chuckit offers indoor and outdoor dog toys designed to strengthen the human-animal bond and keep dogs and puppies active and engaged. Our selection includes ball launchers, puppy toys, flying discs, tennis balls specifically made for dogs, as well as chew toys!

Pros: My dog absolutely adores this toy and I found it super easy to throw.

Cons: Unfortunately it is on the smaller side.

4. Top Crinkle Dog Toys for Small Breeds

Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies

Cute Dog Toy Designed for Action

Built for action and designed specifically to fulfill medium dog’s fetching delight needs, this aerodynamic toy features smooth glides to stimulate tracking and chasing instincts in any environment – from your yard to the park! Fun meets Durability.

Crafted from durable polyester canvas, the Flying Squirrel fetch toy combines vibrant colors with gentle toughness to ensure fun interactions without harming your dog’s teeth or gums. Perfect for both land and aquatic play environments alike – don’t let its versatility deceive you!

Its buoyant design enables aquatic adventures, making this Flying Squirrel an interactive companion. At 9.5″ x 9.5″, its medium Flying Squirrel fits various medium to large breeds perfectly.

Premium Soft Chew Toys for Dogs – These charming dogs crinkle toys without stuffing ducks provide your four-legged best friend with an engaging chew toy that makes noise, engages them, and is gentler on teeth, gums, and dental health.

Cute and Colorful Duck Shape – Resembling an actual duck, these dog crinkle toys for small dogs, medium dogs and all sizes come in six unique colors to provide more puppy friendly shape that’s easy to carry around.

Active Play, Tossing and Retrieving – Our cute duck chew toys for dogs can provide active play opportunities while bonding with your puppy, relieving stress or separation anxiety, or providing them with an outlet to channel aggression or intense play.

Ideal Gift Idea: For birthday, holiday and just-because presents for your furbaby, nothing beats these irresistibly fun toys from Petco! Simply click “Add to Cart” now – don’t forget that our toys are not intended for consumption!

Pros: This adorable toy features the softest yellow duck ever and dogs absolutely adore it.

Cons: Although good as an expensive toy.

5. SPOT by Ethical Products for Good Quality

Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies

Good quality

This durable chew toy from Ethical Products features the natural strength of bamboo fiber combined with nylon to form a longer-lasting and more aggressive chewer toy (available both as chicken & beef varieties)

Perfect For: Heavy Chewers and Aggressive Chewers alike, this tough dog chew is tougher than real beef or pork bones and makes an excellent alternative to rawhide chews. Constructed using Bamboo Fiber & Nylon reinforcement – making this teething toy the ideal option for puppies as well as aggressive chewers!

Easy Grip: This chew toy features an ergonomic shape designed to allow dogs to hold it steadily for easy chewing. BEEF FLAVOR: Lasts long-term to keep your pups entertained for hours on end. Choose Your Size: Browse between several sizes until you find something suitable to match the breed size of your canine companion.

Ethical Products Guarantee: If for any reason the product doesn’t fulfill your or your pet’s expectations, let us know right away and visit our website to obtain more details.

Pros: These toys are great for small dogs. My pup’s favorite chew toy, they provide hours of entertainment.

Cons: Unfortunately they’re quite costly though

Buying Guide on Choosing Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies:

Which dog supplies do you purchase to help them sleep comfortably?

My two little pups sleep with me in my bed. Each has its own soft blanket to use when napping – as long as one or both are touching me or each other they will sleep happily together!

My daughters are happy and sleeping well, especially my older one who likes being petted and loved before falling asleep, and my younger daughter who likes cuddling close by me before sleeping.

Little Puppies Delight in Toys Forget-Me-Not

Small dogs (such as French bulldog puppies) enjoy playing with certain toys that make the list of must-haves for French bulldog puppies.

Playtime is an integral component of puppy development, providing both mental and physical stimulation through toys that cater to their instincts and provide stimulation for your pup’s brain and body. Here are some popular toys enjoyed by little puppies:

1. Chew Toys: Puppies will experience teething and chew toys provide soothing gum massage while discouraging destructive chewing behavior.

2. Plush Toys: Soft, cuddly plush toys offer comfort and companionship for young puppies.

3. Interactive Toys: Toys that release treats or make sounds can keep puppies’ minds stimulated and entertained, while rope toys provide interactive play while supporting healthy teeth and gums.

4. Rope Toys are great for interactive play while Rope Toys promote dental health for your puppy.

5. Squeaky Toys can pique puppies’ curiosity while simulating prey sounds.

6. Ball Toys: Puppies love chasing and retrieving balls, providing exercise and strengthening their bonds with their owners.

7. Puzzle Toys: These toys challenge puppies mentally while developing problem-solving skills.


Shaper French Bulldogs are small dogs. Therefore, when purchasing toys for them it’s important to select those which fit easily within their mouths without the risk of swallowing them. Frisbees may be difficult for flat-faced breeds like Frenchies to pick up; to be safe opt for curved toys instead. If unsure, read reviews from other Frenchie owners or the product description to determine which breeds the toy suits.


Protecting the safety of your pup should always be your primary consideration when purchasing dog toys. Be sure to investigate their materials, any known hazards, and online reviews to see the experiences of other dog owners; always proceed with caution!

Check the ingredients before purchasing cheap toys to keep their wallets from suffering too much.

FAQs on Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies

1. What is a French bulldog’s favorite treat?

Mes Blueberries are a favorite treat among Frenchies, not only because of their ideal size but also thanks to being packed full of antioxidants and vitamins that offer optimal nourishment – making them the perfect snack option!

2.    Do Frenchies need chew toys?

TomKings Kennel offers 15 of the Best French Bulldog Toys that Are Paw-Perfect Solutions For Teething Frenchies Chew toys provide the ideal solution for teething Frenchies. Constructed from durable materials that withstand even their toughest nibblers, these chew toys will not only help maintain dental health but will provide hours of entertainment!

3.    Why do Frenchies destroy toys?

Dogs that exhibit high prey drives often view toys as potential prey, and destroy them as part of their natural instinct. While this may be one of the main reasons behind their destruction, this shouldn’t be seen as justification.


You will need to provide the Best Toys for French Bulldog Puppies considering their age, whether you just adopted French Bulldog or have been with one since the beginning. You will need to buy the correct toys for your puppy’s age when you go out and purchase toys. French bulldogs, like all puppies, love to play with toys. This helps them develop their minds and bodies. Choosing the Best Toys for French bulldog puppies is essential to their development. These toys help them to learn and grow into healthy, happy dogs.

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